Besa Mafia true story: How I did murder

This is my personal story about how I did murder with Besa Mafia and got away with it. I know it might not be so good to post it publicly, but I am using the Tor Browser to hide my IP and I am not giving any name or address, so no one knows who I am.

I thought to share my review with the world.

24 February

This should have been a great day, but instead was a horror day; my girlfriend was raped by a Giovanni, a colleague and a scum from her workplace. He forced upon her as she was leaving the work, after they were the only ones left in the office.

She cried for several days, and she did not wanted to press charges with the police despite my repeated inspissations. I came to the conclusion that he might have had her at his hand with something, and blackmailing her.

I couldn’t sleep for the next days, I know why you say, time heals it but not for me.

I felt a strong hate and a need to take revenge; but I am not the fighting type and I would have preferred to avoid any direct contact.

26th February.

I started googling how to beat up a guy. I thought maybe I can find some people needing money that would be available to beat up for a small fee.

I found Besa Mafia, a website on Deep Web with gang members who can do beating. I saw they also have hitmen who do murder for hire, and I was astonished to see that the price was very low: only $5000 .

I know there are hitmen and assassins out there but I thought their price was much bigger. I did more researching and found out is not unusual for gang members who need money to do a murder for several thousand dollars, with a cheap unregistered handgun and running from the place of murder.

Their escrow service and the fact that they were not asking for any personal information about the customer, made me feel like wanting to give it a try. I had some money available on my credit card, but they only accepted bitcoin.

I looked over bitcoin and saw I can exchange money for Bitcoin on various sites.

I signed up for an account. I sent a message using their contact form asking if they can do a hit in Ohio.


26th February

I got reply from the admin of the site. He said they could, and he asked me to place my order.

I ordered using a form on their site and submitted a picture of the guy, his name and address. It asked me to add 12 Bitcoin to my account.

Where do I get bitcoins with keeping my info anonymous? I thought..  I started reading on the subject.. well, it’s a good thing they take only bitcoins because is the most anonymous form of payment out there, it would have a terrible option to ask for my credit card.

I signed up for an account on and started changing cash for Bitcoins. It took me several days to exchange $5000 to bitcoins but I managed to do it.

1st March

I added the bitcoins to my account on Besa Mafia. The admin asked me to schedule a date when I want the hit to be done.

I said that any day is fine with me. He saith that is best for me to go out of the city at that date, to avoid any questions from police.

I chosen 7th march, I wanted to visit an ex-colleague from high school on 8th march, so 7th I would be out of town.

The admin saith is ok, and scheduled the hit on that time.

7th March

I logged into my account on Besa Mafia and saw I had new message from the admin saying the hit has been performed. They told me that their gang member has waited the guy at the specified address, and when he saw him arriving with his car the hitmen went to him and shoot him several times, then he run away. He did not even waited the guy to get out of the car, he shoot several rounds and then run away

They sent me a picture. It was hard for me to believe this, the guy was standing right there in his car and was dead with blood all over him

While I was still trying to figure out if this was real or not, I found several news popped up on local media about the kill hours later.

I was happy. I felt a mixture of joy and remorse. I was afraid of not being cut. I send the approval to release the

Bitcoin from escrow to the hire a hitman. I deleted all my search history on my laptop and reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows and Tor Browser.

Conclusion: I was impressed that there are hitmen who kill for so little in real word. I didn’t thought that so many gang members do illegal things online, but it seems they are humans and know how do use computers.

I wrote this story to release the guilty feelings; it makes you feel much better if you tell things to anyone, even if you are anonymous on the Internet.

I don’t care if Police reads it, they don’t know my name. I am sure that my ex girlfriend won’t dare to tell anyone that she was the one who was raped.